Blade Heat Inspection

Turbines using thermal heating systems should be inspected on a regular basis. Blade solutions specializes in inspecting blade heat systems. We have developed a safe and cost effective method for inspecting blade heat systems.


Hot spots in carbon fibre blade heat systems arises from defects in the fibre alignment. They can emerge due to production errors, impact or lightning. The defect in the fibre alignment will create significantly higher temperatures around the damaged area. The hot spot will grow over time to a point were repairs are not possible and the blade needs to be replaced.


Small Hot Spots

In the early state, small hot spots are easy to detect using a thermal camera. Thermal inspections can be performed using a long range thermal camera from the ground.


If a closer inspection is needed we access the blades using a standardized industrial climbing method.


Small hot spots can be repaired on sight. 

Hotspot detected during thermal inspection.
Hotspot detected during thermal inspection.

Large Hot Spots

All large hot spots are very easy to find as they can be detected from ground.


All large hot spots, except lightning hot spots, are small in the beginning. The most common output of a large hot spot is a very costly blade replacement.

Large hotspot.
Large hotspot.